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Social capital and political participation

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Acemoglu, D., Robinson, J. A., Torvik, R. (2013). Why Do Voters Dismantle Checks and Balances?

Voters often dismantle constitutional checks and balances on the executive. If such checks and...

Durante, R., Pinotti, P., Tesei, A. (2013). The Political Legacy of News-Free Television: Evidence from the Rise of Berlusconi

Can news-free media influence political behavior? We investigate this issue in the context of...

Ferri, M. (2006). Come si forma l'opinione pubblica. Il contributo sociologico di Walter Lippmann. Milano: FrancoAngeli

Per quanto la biografia e la formazione giovanile di Walter Lippmann (New York, 1889-1974),...

Ferri, M. (2009). La voce muta. Analisi dell'opinione sociale nel dopoguerra

L’opinione pubblica è il “soggetto” cui fanno appello i politici per...

Kiss, H. S., Rosa-Garcia, A. (2011). Why do Facebook and Twitter facilitate revolutions more than TV and radio? MPRA Paper No 33496.

A distinctive feature of recent revolutions was the key role of social media (e.g. Facebook,...

Ligthar, J., van Oudheusden, P. (2011).

We measure the contribution of fiscal decentralization to trust in government. Using repeated cross...

McManamey, R. (2004). The Relationship Between Community Newspapers and Social Capital: the Power to Empower. University of Tasmania, PhD Thesis

Rosa Maria McManamey Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor...

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