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Social capital and mental health

Essential readings

Helliwell, J. F. (2007). Well-Being and Social Capital: Does Suicide Pose a Puzzle? Social Indicators Research 81, 455-496

This paper has a double purpose: to see how well Durkheim's (1897) findings apply a century...

Frey, B. S. (2011). Happy People Live Longer. Science 331, 542

There is a longstanding idea that happiness causes people to live longer, healthier lives. However...

Important readings

Riess, H. et al. (2012). Empathy Training for Resident Physicians. Journal of General Internal Medicine

Can people learn to be empathetic? A new study reveals that they can. Building on research over the...

Folland, S., Rocco, L. (2014). The Economics of Social Capital and Health A Conceptual and Empirical Roadmap. Washington, D.C.: World Scientific.

This book edited by Sherman Folland and Lorenzo Rocco defines the field of social capital and...

Reading list archive

Alesina, A., Giuliano, P. (2014). Family ties. In S. Durlauf and P. Aghion (Eds). Handbook of Economic Growth. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

We study the role of the most primitive institution in society: the family. Its organization and...

Cattell, V. (2012). Poverty, Community and Health Co-operation and the Good Society.

Despite plentiful evidence on poverty and reduced health chances and on the benefits of co-...

Costa, D., Kahn, M. (2010). Health, Wartime Stress, and Unit Cohesion: Evidence from Union Army Veterans. Demography 47(1): 45-66.

We fi nd that Union Army veterans of the American Civil War who faced greater wartime stress (as...

Kawachi, I., Soshi, T., Subramanian, S.V. (Eds.) (2013). Global Perspectives on Social Capital and Health. Springer.

A companion volume to Social Capital and Health (edited by Kawachi, Subramanian, and Kim) Covers...

Rostila, M. (2013). Social Capital and Health Inequality in European Welfare States

This book sets out unique findings on whether social capital influences health and health...

Torgler, B., Schaltegger, C. A. (2012). Suicide and Religion: New Evidence on The Differences Between Protestantism and Catholicism.

In this study of the persistent social phenomenon of suicide, we find that even though theological...

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