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Freitag, Markus

Markus Freitag studied political science, economics, and German language and literature at Heidelberg University. After obtaining the degree of Magister Artium in 1995, he joined the University of Bern as a doctoral candidate and scientific assistant and completed his doctoral degree (PhD) in 1999...

Frey, Bruno S.

Bruno S. Frey is Full Professor of Economics at the University of Zurich, Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Science at the Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick, UK, and Research Director of CREMA - Centre for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts, Switzerland. He is...

Frijters , Paul

Paul Frijters is a Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland and an Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University’s Research School of Social Sciences. He is also a Research Director of the RUMiCI project. The project monitors rural to urban migration in China and...

Gandal, Neil

Selection of recent papers The Economics of Networks “Direct and Indirect Knowledge Spillovers: The 'Social Network' of Open Source Software,” forthcoming 2011 (with Chaim Fershtman), RAND Journal of Economics. “A Brief Survey of the Economics of Open Source...

Garofalo, Giuseppe

Academic profile He’s Full Professor of Political economy at the faculty of Economics of Tuscia University in Viterbo (Italy) and member of the department of Managerial, technological and quantitative studies (Distateq) since 2001. [Web site: http://www.unitus.it/dipartimenti/distateq/...

Gentzkow, Matthew

Selected papers Ideological Segregation Online and Offline (with Jesse M. Shapiro) Quarterly Journal of Economics. Forthcoming. Last updated: March, 2011 Web Appendix Model Appendix The Effect of Newspaper Entry and Exit on Electoral Politics (with Jesse M. Shapiro and Michael Sinkinson...

Gerxhani, Klarita

Klarita Gërxhani is Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam, Department of Sociology and Anthropology. She graduated as an M.A. in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, Albania in 1996. After graduation, she worked as a researcher and research coordinator...

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