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2012 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics

AQR-IREA will host the Workshop on Innovation and Regional Economic Performance on October 18th-19th 2012 in Barcelona. The aim of this workshop is to bring together cutting-edge research papers on innovation and knowledge diffusion, and their linkages with regional economic performance.

Particular attention will be paid to papers dealing with the mechanisms and actors of innovation and knowledge diffusion (knowledge spillovers, networks, skilled labour mobility, university-industry linkages). Although the workshop focuses on empirical papers, theoretical studies are also welcome. The accepted papers (around 8) will be presented in plenary sessions that will complement the three keynote speakers’ presentations.

Keynote speakers:

Philip McCann (University of Groningen)
Karen Maguire (Regional Innovation Unit, OECD)


Papers should be sent in pdf format to aqr_workshop@ub.edu before June 11th, 2012. Detailed abstracts will also be considered, but full papers will be favoured.

Important dates

Deadline for papers submission: June 11th 2012
Deadline for acceptance of papers: July 2nd 2012
Preliminary programme: July 13th 2012
Final programme: September 21th 2012
Registration: October 5th 2012

Organising Committee:

Dr. Enrique López-Bazo, AQR-IREA Research Group
Ernest Miguélez, AQR-IREA Research Group
Dr. Rosina Moreno, AQR-IREA Research Group
Sandra Nieto, AQR-IREA Research Group
Dr. Raül Ramos, AQR-IREA Research Group
Dr. Jordi Suriñach, AQR-IREA Research Group

Scientific Committee:

Dr. Corinne Autant-Bernard
Dr. David Audretsch
Dr. Pablo d’Este
Dr. Simona Ianmarino
Dr. Francesco Lissoni
Dr. Enrique López-Bazo
Ernest Miguélez
Dr. Rosina Moreno
Dr. Frank van Oort
Dr. Attila Varga


Universitat de Barcelona, Grup d'Anàlisi Quantitativa Regional

The AQR-IREA research group (Regional Quantitative Analysis) is integrated in the Department of Econometrics, Statistics and Spanish Economy at the University of Barcelona and as a research unit in the Barcelona Park Science (PCB). AQR-IREA is also part of the Research Institute of Applied...

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