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Tilburg University, Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research

Tiber is the Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research. Tiber is a research institute devoted to studying the psychological processes underlying individual choice and economic decision making from an interdisciplinary perspective. Tiber brings together economists, psychologists, and marketing researchers to cooperate intensively in its research projects.

This cooperation between economists and psychologists is not entirely new. On a number of places in the academic world, this kind of cooperation and mutual fertilization is growing rapidly. The most distinguished token is the fact that some years ago the psychologist Kahnemann received the Nobel prize for economics.

Tiber aims to become a leading center for scientific expertise in the field of behavioral decision making by contributing to the development of new insights into the psychological determinants of economic decision making. Tiber will try to accomplish this by combining the best of practices from economics and social psychology. Economists have formulated strong and mathematically precise models for describing, explaining, and predicting economic behavior. However, the theoretical basis of these models is not always well-elaborated. Insights from psychological theory can help to improve these models and to better understand how individuals will behave when they make economic choices and decisions.

In this way, Tiber hopes not only to contribute to the building of new theories of human economic behavior, but als to contribute to the development of new methodologies to study this behavior.

Tiber also hopes to play a role in the societal debate about economic problems and behavior. How do people decide what position they want to take on the labor market? What determines the choices consumers make when they shopping for food or services or for a new car? How do stock holders make decisions in reaction to relevant or irrelevant market information? How is the financial behavior of individuals influenced by their personality and/or by their personal situation? These are the type of questions Tiber hopes to answer.

Tiber seeks to:

  • attract talented researchers for its PhD program and for postdoctoral positions
  • invite senior visiting researchers to visit the Tilburg campus and do research, work on papers, or give workshops
  • organize invitational conferences
  • organize a colloquium series
  • organize the Tiber Summer Institute


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