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Tata Institute of Social Sciences

As the Institute enters its Platinum Jubilee year in June 2011, it seeks to use this opportunity to achieve a several objectives:

  • To reach out and network with its alumni, to bring them together on this occasion and to leverage the tremendous goodwill that the Insitute has with its alumni and others to raise resources, both human and financial, for further development.
  • To look inwards and critically reflect on its programmes, structures and strategies, in the contemporary context and to rededicate itself to its vision of being an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to the changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centred and ecologically sustainable society. To initiate new programmes and structures that would help it better serve its vision and mission.

  • To reflect on its contribution to human service and social sciences professional education, research, field action and extension over the past 75 years and to showcase this contribution through various print, audio-visual and internet media.

  • To celebrate 75 years of service to society through organising relevant events that reach out to its stakeholders within and outside the institution.

With these broad objectives in mind, the Institute has begun work on a series of events and initiatives:

  • The formal inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee year is slated for the end of September. Among other things, this occasion will launch the M Ward initiative and will involve the release of a postage stamp and first day cover. The new logo of TISS will also be released on this occasion.

  • The M-Ward Initiative
    This is a massive challenge as well as an equally large opportunity to redefine our relevance as an institution to society. The M Ward, where TISS is located, is a microcosm of the city: it is an extreme example of skewed development in the metropolis, with virtually all indicators registering alarm; requiring urgent action that is multi-dimensional, comprehensive and strategic to serve its burgeoning population. It has been the most neglected ward from the point of view of infrastructure and human development and poses a huge challenge to a city already struggling to provide basic amenities to the majority of its citizens. The challenge in M Ward is to generate a paradigm shift in thinking and doingin envisioning and delivering a development plan that will benefit all its citizens and ensure the rights and entitlements of people, especially the marginalized and vulnerable. The attempt is to bring all disciplines within TISS to focus on research, theory, teaching and practice for social change and development that is sourced from and led by the M ward community. The key strategies envisaged for bringing about this change include: community empowerment and leadership development; enabling equitable access to government programmes and schemes; creating a shared vision and ownership; and creating an enabling environment through advocacy and communication. While the project will need to be of a much longer duration, its initial stage is envisaged as a 3 year programme. More details about the M Ward initiative are available here.

  • An Alumni Meet, which will include a half day seminar on the theme of Rethinking Social Justice followed by a day and a half of cultural events and a trip down to memory lane. is planned for December 17 and 18, 2011. The Institute is in the process of consolidating its alumni database and reaching out through multiple media to reach alumni across the globe. More details about the meet are available here.

  • A national level student event entitled Resonance is slated for December 20-22. This event will bring together students from various Universities across the country for a programme that involves discussion, reflection and cultural sharing. The theme of Resonance is Celebrating Diversity.

  • In addition to this, there will be national conference on February 17-19, 2012 on the broad theme of ‘Globalisation and Social Transformation: The Indian Experience’. The aim of the Conference is to provide a broad platform to academics, policy makers and practitioners from multiple disciplines nationally and internationally for debating and deliberating on Globalisation as a transformative process and its consequent effects on the economic, social, and cultural institutions in India. The conference will deal with 8 sub-themes. More details about this event are available here.

  • The Production of Print, Audio-visual and Web Material on the history of TISS has been initiated. This involves several projects which include the creation of a web based visual and oral history archive entitled TISStory, the production of a series of six films showcasing 75 years of the Institute's contribution in various areas, the production of displays and exhibitions, a new look for the campuses and the production of an illustrated book on the history of the Institute.

  • The Institute sees the Platinum Jubilee as an opportunity to consolidate and revisit the significant changes wrought by re-structuring and to move forward with a renewed commitment to society for the next 25 years. It looks forward to the active participation of all its stakeholders: students, staff, alumni, partner organisations and others in making the Platinum Jubilee year an occasion to remember.

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