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IX International Colloquium: Inequality and Its Persistence

May 24-25, 2012 | Graz, Austria

The main objective of the meeting is to provide a platform for productive exchanges of scholars working on economic and social inequality. Both contributions from theoretical analysis and empirical research are welcome. In addition the colloquium will discuss policy issues theoretical and policy aspects of our related to the inequality theme. The colloquium also aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas across fields of inquiry from within the discipline of Economics, as well as between it and related disciplines, so as to reinforce a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of issue at hand.

The colloquium will be organized by the Graz Schumpeter Centre in Graz, Austria, in collaboration with the Department of Economics of the University of Brasilia.

Authors are requested to submit their papers by the end of March 2012. Please send your papers electronically to: Johanna Pfeifer (johanna.pfeifer@uni-graz.at) and to Ricardo Azevedo Araujo (rsaaraujo@unb.br). Make sure that the title of the paper, an abstract (a maximum of 100 words), keywords and JEL classification are given on the first page. Send your paper as a Word (not a PDF!) document (limited to 25 pages of length, double-spaced); this makes it easy for us to compile a conference volume. Papers must be typed in Times New Roman and pages should be numbered consecutively. For further information contact Márcia Castro (marciacg@unb.br).


University of Graz, Graz Schumpeter Centre

The Graz Schumpeter Centre is named after the famous Austrian social scientist Joseph A. Schumpeter, who taught and did his research in Graz from 1911 to 1921. It provides a platform of international cooperation and reach for young scientists, working on innovative and socially relevant topics.

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